Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Salsa,my condiment of choice!

Friday night, December 2, 2011, I held a Healthy holiday cooking class at my home.  I am happy to report that I had a great turn out of clients and friends that learned much and seemed to enjoy all!  The big hit of the evening was the Plum Salsa!  Salsa has always been my condiment of choice and this salsa is to die for!  I wish I could take credit for its creation, however that credit has to go to my best friend and roommate, Tammy!  This salsa will make anything taste incredible!  My personal favorite is with a baked sweet potato, black beans, asparagus and a grilled center cut pork chop.  My mouth begins to salivate just typing about it! Yum!

This salsa was so well liked that everyone in attendance wanted to know if they could buy some!  This event was the birth of the “Salsa Queens Plum Salsa”!  A few guest said they would like it if it was a little hotter so we have created two varieties.  Salsa Queens Red Chili Plum Salsa which has the biggest kick and Salsa Queens Plum Salsa Medium.
Made 10 jars last night and sold all but 3 today!  Still have to fulfill pre-order sales of 17 jars.  This salsa can be used as a marinade, BBQ sauce, or as a condiment to put on anything that needs a little flavor.  It is made to order and is sure to be a BIG hit!  ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ARTIFICIAL! A whole plum in every container! 

Interested?  Email me at eringail99@aol.com.  On the subject line enter "Salsa".


12 oz. container $8.00

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