Thursday, November 3, 2011

There's no such thing as too busy

There’s no such thing as being too busy.  If something is important you will make time for it!

Buurr!! What a way to wake up this morning? Cold wind that almost blew you over!!  Didn’t take long to warm up and begin shedding layers.  Then the cool weather got you going and kept you moving and shaking till the very end!!  Way to BRING IT guys and gals!

The holiday season is upon us and with it comes countless parties, holiday shopping and family get togethers.  This is a time of the year when time matters most to all of us and how we spend this time is a reflection of what is important to each of us.  So let me ask you a question…..How will YOU be spending YOUR time?  What is important to you?

How many times have you caught yourself saying “There’s not enough hours in the day” or “I am so busy I can’t hear myself think”?  Sound familiar?  I am the first one to admit that I fall into this category and rest assured I find time for the things that matter most to me.  I prioritize my workout because I know how good I feel when I workout, how easy it is to find an excuse not to, and the end result being holiday weight gain and back pain from a weak core.  Next on my list is maintaining my healthy eating plan.  I have done this long enough to know how I feel when I eat right and how easy it is to order a pizza.  Truth be known, I can make my own healthy pizza at home in the same amount of time as it takes Papa John’s to deliver. 

Even with a crazy schedule I always manage to spend some part of my day doing something that really isn’t all that important or could wait till another day.  Anyone relate?  Whether it’s Facebook, shopping online or looking at a magazine, some part of my actions shows I am not as busy as I may think.

What are your actions saying about you?  Let’s face it; Actions speak volumes about what we really think verses what we may say!  What do you pay attention to the most?  What someone says or what they do? 

I challenge you this holiday season to show with your actions that living a healthy life style is important to you!  Someone is always paying attention to us even when we don’t know it.  How awesome would it be to inspire someone else to adapt a healthy life style simply by watching you??? 

Pretty Awesome!

Inspiring the world to a lifestyle of health and fitness one body at a time!